With this summer slated to be one of the hottest summers on record, it is important to have your Air Conditioner tuned-up to ensure it is in perfect working order and operating at peak efficiency. Every AC unit gets wear and tear as the years and seasons pass, much of this damage is not apparent until the Air Conditioner is inspected by a professional trained to spot this damage.

AC units also need to be cleaned out thoroughly inside at last once a year. Your condenser coils, evaporator coils and condenser fins all need to be cleaned, as dirty parts directly affect your air conditioners efficiency. Failure to keep your AC maintained can cause your cooling costs to rise greatly. Many of the people calling us for AC repair service in Boxford MA failed to maintain their air conditioners.

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Here are just 3 benefits of preventative AC maintenance:

Ensures Your AC Is Working on Hot Days

People who do not receive AC tune-ups, and perform basic preventative AC maintenance, usually end up calling a Boxford AC repair contractor due to AC failure, long before their AC should ever fail. When you decide not to invest in yearly preventative AC maintenance your AC unit could fail unexpectedly when you need cooling the most, which can cause you to have to pay for emergency AC repair service. It ends up being cheaper in the long run to use preventative AC maintenance than it is to simply ignore it.

Extend The Life of Your AC

AC tune-ups will help to ensure that your AC lasts it’s full expected lifespan. Preventative AC maintenance can extend the life of your AC system to as high as 20 years, while most AC systems are designed to last only 10 to 12 years without maintenance. When you make use of preventative maintenance agreements and services, you also are ensuring that your AC system will need fewer repairs, since most AC problems and failures can be traced to problems that could have been addressed preventive.

Improve Your AC Efficiency

Regular AC tune-ups will boost the efficiency of your AC system, and keep your cooling costs down. When your system is damaged or dirty, it lowers your overall efficiency, causing your power bills to sky rocket. When your system is clean and well maintained, the air conditioner can cycle much better, cooling your home much more easily and at a lower rate of power consumption.

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