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You should never attempt to work on your own AC system. It can be dangerous to your system, and you could easily be electrocuted or hurt. If your AC unit needs to be serviced, you should hire an expert like Extreme Plumbing Inc. We offer not only plumbing services, but also boiler repair and AC repair service in Boxford MA. We have the experience necessary to ensure that your air conditioner is properly running, at a price you can afford. Some problems with your AC unit deserve immediate attention. Below we will discuss several problems that will require you to call an HVAC technician for emergency service.

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Strange noises coming from the air conditioner

If you ever hear strange noises, such as banging and clanking, grinding, metal-hitting-metal types of sounds, hissing or extreme vibration noises, these are all signs of problems within your unit that should not be ignored. Odd noises coming from the AC unit are one of the number reasons our customers request service. Not all weird sounds signal trouble. Some are normal, such as a slight buzzing, whooshing, and squeals sounds. Never ignore odd noises coming from your air conditioner in the hopes that the noises and the problem will just go away, as you could end up making the matter even worse and more expensive to fix.

Unit won’t turn on

If this happens, your unit is experiencing some sort of problem that is preventing it from operating at all, which is obviously a major inconvenience. The problem could be electrical in nature, so you should avoid touching or tampering with your air conditioner, and make a call for help instead.

System runs, but is not blowing cold air

This is the second most common problem that lead our customers to call us for help. Often, this means there’s a problem with your refrigerant. The causes for this vary greatly, but a professional should be called in to inspect the unit and make the necessary repairs. If it is a coolant issue, you will need a professional anyway since you need a license to work with freon.

Extreme Plumbing, Inc is more than just your average plumbing company. We offer AC repair, as well as affordable boiler service in Boxford MA. We are here for all of your plumbing, heating and cooling needs. We are committed to offering you the best possible service in town. If you have an emergency we can be there in an hour or less, call us anytime day or night to arrange for a service call.

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