Boiler repair is serious business, and it is never something that should be put off. Even small problems with a boiler can quickly escalate into a more serious and costly repair. Cost is not the only reason to take your boiler repairs seriously. Did you know that even a small malfunction within your boiler can pose a danger to both you and your family? If your boiler completely gives out, you will be without heat until a repairman can come repair your unit.

Like any system in your home, your boiler needs maintenance and care. Even with regular maintenance, your boiler will experience normal wear and tear due to use and age. Therefore, knowing when to call in a professional is of the utmost importance. You need to learn the warning signs that your boiler will give you to alert you of potential problems, both big and small. When you are able to recognize these signs, you can act quickly and potentially address a small problem before it becomes a major repair issue.

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Leaking water around the boiler

If you see any water collecting around the base of your boiler, you need to quickly make a call for help. If your boiler is losing water at a steady pace, it will not be able to heat the remaining water inside at the correct temperature. This will cause your boiler to burn more fuel in order to keep up with the demand. This type of problem puts a lot of stress, as well as wear and tear, on the entire system. If you ignore this type of problem, you could end up with your boiler completely breaking down.

Unusual Sounds From the Boiling Unit

All boilers tend to make noise, so you should not be alarmed by the normal sounds you associate with your boiler. But be aware of odd sounds you have never heard before. If these sounds intensify or get louder, this could mean that one of the parts inside of your boiler is breaking down. Hissing is the worst noise you can hear from your system, so if you hear this sound, call an HVAC technician from Extreme Plumbing Services right away. Hissing sounds can indicate iron or sludge deposits, and this will cause uneven water distribution, with the possible end result being your boiler overheating or shutting down completely.

Strong Smells

Your boiler should never have a foul or funky smell to it. A strong odor often signals a gas or oil leak, and this is dangerous for not only your home, but also you and your family. This can cause a fire, injury, or even death. If you should notice this sign, call the professionals at Extreme Plumbing Services at once.

If you notice any of these signs, it signals that you need a qualified AC repair contractor immediately to come inspect and repair your boiler. Extreme Plumbing Services handles not only plumbing, but also air conditioning repair and boiler repair. If you need AC repair service in Boxford MA, Extreme Plumbing Services has you covered. Contact us today!

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