Slash Your Bills with Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling Equipment in Boxford, MA

Energy Efficient Heating

Reduce Your Energy Costs & Increase Your Comfort

Did you know that upgrading to a high-efficiency system could reduce your energy costs by up to 60 percent? In addition to the savings you’ll experience from reduced energy consumption, upgrading to a qualified energy efficient system could make you eligible to receive rebates, tax credits and other money-saving incentives. Upgrading your system will not only improve your comfort, but is a great investment that will pay for itself in no time!

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Energy Efficient Water Heater Sales & Installation

Is it time to bring your home into the 21st century with high-efficiency systems guaranteed to reduce your energy costs? Extreme Plumbing, Inc. offers competitive prices and professional installation of high-efficiency water heaters and home heating systems in Middleton, Groveland, Georgetown, Allentown and the surrounding areas.

The Benefits of High-Efficiency Water Heaters:

Save space: Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless models are slim and hang from the wall and take up a fraction of the space. Continuous hot water: Tankless water heaters generate hot water on demand, which means the hot water doesn’t end after a specific amount is used.
Longer lifespan: Newer model high-efficiency water heaters have a life expectancy of more than 20 years, and due to the ease of finding and replacing parts, can last much, much longer. In contrast, traditional water heaters last an average of 10-15 years. Less wasteful: Tankless hot water systems utilize less water, which leads to less of an environmental impact, as well as lower water bills.

Get the Best Prices on Energy Efficient Equipment

Extreme Plumbing, Inc. is partnered with the leading manufacturers of energy efficient heating systems and water heating equipment – this allows us to offer you competitive prices and comprehensive warranties for all your home comfort needs.

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Professional Installation and Ongoing Maintenance

The licensed, trained and knowledgeable technicians at Extreme Plumbing, Inc. provide professional installation and ongoing maintenance for all makes and models of high-efficiency heating equipment and water heaters.

Contact us today to request a free estimate for your equipment installation. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your home and property to find determine the ideal energy efficient home comfort solutions for increasing your comfort and reducing your costs!